Muscle Release System offers unique tools and exercises to combat back pain, neck pain, stiff muscles, stiff neck and muscle knots.

Muscle Release System - Pain-free Flexibility!

Muscle Release System was borne out of one man's search for natural ways to alleviate back pain. When nothing worked, he invented something that did! Years of research and refinement went into a pain relief approach that is unbeatable in its unique methodology, materials, workmanship and choice of use. What evolved was a system not only for pain relief, but also a muscle massage to enhance flexibility and strength.

Forget whatever you thought you knew about foam rollers: the proven Muscle Release System is at the cutting edge of innovation!

Safe Natural Pain Relief
Recommended by Experts
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Unique Contra-rotation
Warms, lengthens Muscle

Back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some stage of their life. Causes of backpain include bad posture, weak muscles, sport injuries, advancing age and the over-extension of muscles. With cellphones and computers such a prominent part of our daily routine, issues are exacerbated.

There has been a huge increase in the consumption of painkillers (addictive in some cases), that can have a detrimental effect on your health. This is why we refined the Muscle Release System to provide effective, natural and sustainable alternative for pain relief - with no negative side-effects.

Our products are sturdy, made from non-slip Thermoset (rubber-like for ThumberBall & foam-like for Rollers) and finished with durable, quality materials and no-squeak rolling mechanisms.

While our products can be used whenever you experience stiff muscles, stubborn knots or back pain, many customers use them routinely:

  • Morning / Evening: muscles are already warmed up somewhat from your hot shower / bath, ideal for further relaxation and lengthening using one of our foam rollers or ball. We advise you follow your rolling with the stretching program that is included with your purchase.
  • Some people report better sleep if they used the products before their bath or shower.
  • Before / after gym, yoga or pilates to warm or stretch the muscles and stimulate blood flow.

FasciaFlex System

Back pain remedy: releases stiff neck & lower back.

Use standalone roller or cradle on the floor (force of body weight).

Contra-rotating rollers release the fascia for release & massage.

Use alone or assisted (a friend massages you); for knot release or a full work-out.

Thumberball Knot Dissolver

Ideal for releasing stubborn muscle knots in shoulders and upper back.

Handy rope with which to control positioning.

Ideal to use by yourself, on the fly. Suitable for a travel work-out.

Use in multiple ways (e.g. behind back, under foot, for buttocks or thighs).

Broad PhysioRelease

A fixed-wheel foam roller version that cradles the neck and spine.

Designed for consistent application to larger areas (e.g. the back).

Can be used by yourself on the floor; or on someone else in any position.

Stimulates blood flow to key areas of neck & back.

Introduction to Muscle Release System

Short FasciaFlex System Demo

"The FasciaFlex massage roller has become an essential part of my rehabilitation and recovery products for my patients and athletes. I was privileged to have played a role in refining the product to be the useful tool it is today." - Dan Grobler (Biokineticist)