FasciaFlex TM:

System or Single Roller

Muscle Release System’s iconic FasciaFlex TM System was designed to release stiff neck, shoulders, upper & lower back by toning the fascia and bringing blood flow, oxygen & ‘feel good’-hormones (serotonin, Endorphins, dopamine & oxytocin) to the treated area, resulting in a slight red glow.

Contra-rotating Rollers

Release Pain & Spasms

Choose your Firmness

Nutrient-rich Circulation

Feel our 'Thumbs'!

Contra-rotating Rollers

Release Pain & Spasms

Choose your Firmness

Nutrient-rich Circulation

Feel our

Be delighted by the sensation created by the contra-rotating roller action: the handheld method is excellent to stretch connective tissue, even close to the scapula and vertebrae. Equally effective on other muscle groups, it can release stubborn muscle spasms just about anywhere.

The thumb-like nodules, shaped and spaced deliberately to mirror the experienced hands of a massage therapist, will surprise and revive you! The rollers are positioned on the axle to create a contoured design that cradles the neck and spine so as to minimise contact (and avoid injury).

You can order the entire system (cradle and 2 rollers) or just a single roller. Standalone, it can be used on the mat, handheld (assisted or self-massage) or using body weight and gravity.

The rollers can be ordered as Gentle, Regular or Extra Firm to suit your unique needs and one can additionally regulate the firmness by using a high pressure (i.e. full weight) or low pressure (i.e. leaning on elbows for example) approach.

Please use our FasciaFlex safely and appropriately!

Single-Roller Program

See our Top-to-Bottom Single Roller YouTube Program illustrating some uses:

Dual Use

Use your body weight on the system with

both rollers for a deep muscle release.

Assisted Single
Roller Use

The single roller can be used on yourself,

or another, for a deep muscle massage.

Client Reviews

“I find the Dual Mounted Fasciaflex System very efficient to release stiff neck, shoulder and upper back muscles.” – Dr Paul Möller (Dentist)

“I sceptically acquired my FasciaFlex on the recommendation of a friend, since my body suffers aches and strains from having to walk a boisterous young Boxer dog. At first we weren’t sure if it’s best for me to roll, or for my wife to massage me, or what pressure to apply, so we started out a little unsure. Now I cannot go without my daily dose of FasciaFlex!” – Adrian (Retired Businessman)