Muscle Release System offers stretching programs & videos to help you release stiff muscles yourself at home easily.

Resources: Stretching & Muscle Release Routines (Video/PDF)

It is very important to us that you experience the same wonderful benefits from our Muscle Release System and products like the Fascia Rollers. To this end we provide short videos and PDF routines you can follow in your own home at your own time.

Stay safe and use this material appropriately!

“I tested the FasciaFlex self-care massager and strongly recommend it for stiff muscles, back, neck pain and my clients have reported that they experienced realignment and decompression of the vertebrae / cushions. It takes strain off the muscles and relaxes the body.” - Jennifer Dunn (Qualified Yoga & Pilates Practitioner, Gyrokinesis, Gyrotonic and Biokineticist)

Most recommended by Biokineticists: