Muscle Release System offers a broad foam roller called the PhysioRelease to address tight muscles and knots in large areas like the back.

PhysioRelease Broad Roller

The PhysioRelease Broad Foam Roller was specifically designed to allow for consistent application to larger areas (like the back) with deliberate contoured design to cradle the neck and spine, thereby minimizing spinal contact.

Enhance Circulation
Release Pain & Spasms
Enjoy 'feel-good' hormones
Feel our 'Thumbs'!

It targets stiff neck, tight shoulders, upper- & lower back by manipulating the fascia and stimulating circulation and blood flow to the target areas in a controlled way. In handheld mode it releases connective tissue close to the Scapula and Vertebrae in a superior, safe manner. It also effectively treats other muscle groups.

Our unique combination of firmness and finger-like nodules, shaped and spaced deliberately to mirror the experienced hands of a massage therapist, will surprise and revive you for sure! It's ideal for releasing stubborn muscle knots in the shoulders and upper back.

Can be used by yourself, using gravity and body weight on the mat; or via the handheld method to massage someone else.

A slight red glow will appear in the treatment area as confirmation that the blood, oxygen, nutrients and 'feel good'-hormones (serotonin, Endorphins, dopamine & oxytocin) have found their way to the treated area.

Please use our PhysioRelease Roller safely and appropriately!

Use Alone (Gravity with Body Weight)

Available in regular density only: gentle but firm for use on a non skid, sturdy surface.

Use Assisted (Massaged by Partner)

A fixed-wheel foam roller version that cradles the neck and spine.

Our products come in different firmness levels and can be used in different ways for a harder / softer massage.


"My husband and I find the PhysioRelease roller excellent to release tight knots in our shoulders and upper back area. We take turns to apply the roller to each other, using the handheld method. Amazing how well it works!" - Brenda