ThumberBall Knot Dissolver

Muscle Release System’s handy ThumberBall is designed for easy use anywhere, any time, on your own – due to the attached rope, you can position it between any hard surface and the muscle knot you want to release.

Spot-treats Muscle Knots


Ideal for Self-Use

Enhance Blood Flow

Feel our 'Thumbs'!

Spot-treats Muscle Knots


Ideal for

Enhance Blood Flow

Feel our

It targets the exact spot of a stubborn muscle spasm by penetrating deeply into the tissue muscle – equally effective on tight hips or hard to reach spots behind your back or shoulders, or any other point on your body with a tight knot.

Gentle pressing and rolling will stimulate circulation bringing oxygen, nutrients and ‘feel good’-hormones (serotonin, Endorphins, dopamine & oxytocin) to the treated area, which results in a slight red glow.

The firm surface and finger-like nodules, shaped and spaced deliberately to mirror the experienced hands of a massage therapist, will surprise and revive you for sure!

Ideal to use by yourself, using gravity and body weight, or simple pressure against any hard surface. Perfect for a travel work-out.

Please use our ThumberBall safely and appropriately!

ThumberBall Intro & Demo Videos

Treat 'Cellphone Neck'

Treat ‘cellphone / tech neck’ by positioning the ball exactly in place using the handy rope.

Hard-to-reach Places

Comes in only one firm density as depth of massage is controlled by your own pressure.

Hip & Buttock Saver

Manufactured from sturdy, non-slip material; gentle compression releases knots without causing injury.

Client Reviews

“My ThumberBall is my saving grace! After too many hours hunched over my laptop or cellphone I inevitably feel the burn of tightness in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Within seconds I can position the ThumberBall exactly on the spot where I need relief and gently roll out any muscle tightness, which also induces a calmness and improved mood. ThumberBall is portable and incredibly flexible in its application.” – Ronel