Muscle Release System helps you get rid of back pain, neck pain, stiff muscles, stiff neck and muscle knots.

ThumberBall Knot Dissolver

Muscle Release System's handy ThumberBall is designed for easy use anywhere, any time, on your own - due to the attached rope, you can position it between any hard surface and the muscle knot you want to release.

Spot-treats Muscle Knots
Ideal for Self-Use
Enhance Blood Flow
Feel our 'Thumbs'!

It targets the exact spot of a stubborn muscle spasm by penetrating deeply into the tissue muscle - equally effective on tight hips or hard to reach spots behind your back or shoulders, or any other point on your body with a tight knot.

Gentle pressing and rolling will stimulate circulation bringing oxygen, nutrients and 'feel good'-hormones (serotonin, Endorphins, dopamine & oxytocin) to the treated area, which results in a slight red glow.

The firm surface and finger-like nodules, shaped and spaced deliberately to mirror the experienced hands of a massage therapist, will surprise and revive you for sure!

Ideal to use by yourself, using gravity and body weight, or simple pressure against any hard surface. Perfect for a travel work-out.

Please use our ThumberBall safely and appropriately!

Treat 'Cellphone Neck'

Release tight neck and shoulders (or any tight muscle knot anywhere in your body), by yourself, any time, any where.

Treat 'cellphone / tech neck' by positioning the ball exactly in place using the handy rope.

Hard-to-reach Places

The Thumberball is our number one all-round muscle knot release tool

Comes in only one firm density as depth of massage is controlled by your own pressure.

Hip & Buttock Saver

Deep muscle massage - self-massaging using your own body weight against scientifically designed 'thumbs' against any hard surface to target any muscle tightness in your body.

Manufactured from sturdy, non-slip material; gentle compression releases knots without causing injury.

ThumberBall Intro & Demo Videos

Thumbs-up for ThumberBall!

Most popular product: ThumberBall

Our products come in different firmness levels and can be used in different ways for a harder / softer massage.


"My ThumberBall is my saving grace! After too many hours hunched over my laptop or cellphone I inevitably feel the burn of tightness in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Within seconds I can position the ThumberBall exactly on the spot where I need relief and gently roll out any muscle tightness, which also induces a calmness and improved mood. ThumberBall is portable and incredibly flexible in its application." - Ronel